Government Grants allow small towns to get the resources they need:

I come from a small town in Wyoming. Ok not just small, but teeny! The population last I checked was somewhere around 280-that may have included a couple of dogs. My graduating class in high school was a total of 8 people. There isn’t much that exists there-mostly just sage brush and farm fields. There is one paved road, and the rest are all dirt. The main street boasts one little convenience store-with one measly gas pump, one sad looking bar that has been repainted so many times the paint will no longer stick and it actually has lumps, a café that serves mostly breakfast and burgers, and a small orderly post office. The town has an elementary school, junior high, and high school all in the same location. Oh yes, I almost forgot the little three room church!
The town looked pretty run down for the most part. A few good citizens tried to get others motivated to clean up their properties, and pitch in funds to build sidewalks, and a park for the children to play in. Unfortunately, for a small farm town, extra funds were difficult to come up with.
Finally, after having several town meetings and discussing the needs of the citizens, they decided that somehow they needed to secure funding from other sources. My Aunt was assigned the task of finding outside funding. After many hours researching the different options, she came across a program that helped find and write government grants. She ordered the program and soon became an expert on finding and securing grants.
The town was eligible for all kinds of government grants. They received a government grant to build separate school buildings for elementary, junior high, and high school, as well as a separate cafeteria for them to share.
They received a grant to build their town hall that had a room where they could hold large meetings as well as an office and storage area where they could keep important records. A grant was awarded to them for sidewalks, as well as to build a park for the kids in town-complete with a playground, fire pit and benches.
They qualified for several educational grants, including those to buy books, and other educational materials not covered by the state education board. They were eligible for a grant to get new computers, as well as updated wiring and satellite receivers for the town to have internet access.
They even received a grant to build a pavilion for their church.
The most important grant they received however was much needed funds to build a volunteer fire department. Not only were they able to build the building, and purchase equipment, but they were also able to get a separate grant to purchase weight training and cardio machines to keep the fire fighters in shape!
It’s amazing that there are so many government grants available to help people like this small farm town get the funding they so desperately need. What a difference it will make in the lives of that small community, and the future of their children.


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